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Neo-Vent™ Infant T-Piece Resuscitation Circuit

Manufacturer: AirLife

The Neo-Vent Infant T-Piece Resuscitation Circuit helps maintain patient body temperature while also preventing the drying of airway secretions during resuscitation. This is a reliable and cost effective newborn resuscitation solution. Simple to set up and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Heated and humidified gas during neonatal transport applications
  • Enables confident command of inflation pressures to help prevent barotrauma
  • Circuit designed with straight-forward, finger activated controls allow safe and effective regulation of PIP, inspiratory time and breathing rate
  • Controlled oxygen delivery between 21-100%
  • Available in both ambient and heated gas models
  • Heated model (0422) designed to work with Neo-Pod™ T controller and transport cartridge (LavaBed™)
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