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Curaplex® VibraPEP® Oscillatory PEP Systems

Manufacturer: Curaplex

The VibraPEP® by Curaplex is a resuable single-patient device that provides Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) therapy for the detachment and removal of pulmonary secretions. Through variable pressure settings patients realize maximum efficacy specific to their unique clinical needs. The VibraPEP® uses the patient’s full expired air volume to produce pressure and oscillatory vibrations. The success of OPEP therapy depends on these vibrations, especially for patients with a low expiratory volume.


  • Maximum efficacy for multiple conditions: CombinedPEP® enlarges airways, promoting stabilization and collateral ventilation while DynamicPEP® decreases the cohesiveness of sputum promoting mucocillary clearance.
  • Efficient for a wide range of patients: Oscillations begin at ≥ 10 lpm allowing treatment of patients with low forced expiratory volume (FEV).
  • Patient comfort: Non-gravity dependent technology allows patient to administer therapy in various positions
  • Single device: A single device with multiple applications reduces multiple stock numbers and overall costs
  • Common ISO fittings permit versatility of patient interfaces
  • FDA cleared for combined aerosol treatments

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