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i-gel O2 Resus Packs

Manufacturer: Intersurgical

In emergency medicine, you need equipment that’s easy, rapid and reliable to use. The i-gel O2 Resus Pack contains everything you need to prepare, insert and secure the i-gel O2 quickly and efficiently. The i-gel O2 incorporates a supplementary oxygen port and an integral hook ring for securing of the airway support strap. The i-gel O2 has been designed to facilitate ventilation as part of standard resuscitation protocols, such as those designated by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). However, the i-gel O2 incorporates a supplementary oxygen port, so that it can also be used for the delivery of passive oxygenation, or Passive Airway Management (PAMTM), as part of an appropriate CardioCerebral Resuscitation (CCR) protocol.


Kit Contains:

  • i-gel O2 supraglottic airway
  • Sachet of lubricant
  • Airway support strap
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