Ordering FAQs

Where your confirmation may indicate *B/O*, our office looks at each order that did not ship and routes them accordingly from other warehouses if inventory is available in those alternate locations. As a result you will see a shipment arrive with the items listed on the confirmation and then a subsequent shipment of the backordered items a day or two later.

If you do not see all the items shipped within a 3-4 day period it is an indicator that the item may be on backorder and may require a substitute to be considered.

Supply restrictions may be implemented for certain high demand items resulting in partial order fulfillment. We will fill the remaining balance of your order as sufficient inventory arrives from our supplier partners. For more information on restricted items, please contact your Account Manager.

Items denoted as *Non-Returnable* are unable to be returned or cancelled from this order. If a change is required, please contact Customer Care within 24 hours of receipt of this notice to make any necessary adjustments. Tri-anim Health Services return policy can be found here.

At this time, accurate shipping estimates are unavailable for items effected by global shortages, as dates are rapidly changing for these high demand items.