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Trachseal™ Closed Suction Systems for 72 Hour Use

Manufacturer: Intersurgical

The Intersurgical TrachSeal™ features an ultra-clear, new softer sleeve allowing the clinician greater feel when inserting the catheter with optimum visibility. The responsive suction control valve allows single handed control of the applied suction force and the positive locking mechanism is designed to prevent accidentally applied suction.


This Trachseal™ closed suction systems is 72-hour usage and includes day stickers to identify changes requirements. There are two length options to allow attachment to either endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes. The endotracheal products feature a catheter length of 54cm and the tracheostomy tube variants have a catheter length of 30.5cm.


Intersurgical TrachSeal systems are supplied with:

  • Day stickers to identify change requirements
  • 15ID–22ID catheter mount for flexible connection
  • A disconnection wedge for removal of the closed suction system from the endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes with minimal discomfort


  • Available as an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube attachment
    • Endotracheal length: 54cm
    • Tracheostomy length: 30.5cm
  • Available in sizes 10-16Fr with color-coded sizes
  • 72-hour use
  • Retainable irrigation port cap
  • Soft catheter tip with Murphy eyes
  • Isolation valve and ergonomic suction valve
  • Double swivel elbow and flexible catheter mount
  • Catheter length markings
  • Improved clear, quiet sleeve
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