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VentiMyst® Adult Breathing Circuits

Manufacturer: Flexicare

VentiMyst® Advanced Active Humidification delivers absolute humidity and manages excess rain-out. Adult breathing circuits (1.6m) with single or dual heated wires.

Effective Moisture Management
The VentiMyst® technology reduces the build up of rain-out.
Clinical Confidence
Reduced need to open or break the circuit with associated loss of PEEP and
de-recruitment of the lungs.
Sterile Packed
All VentiMyst Heated Wire Breathing Systems are supplied sterile for superior patient safety. 
Efficient Temperature Transfer
Helps prevent gas temperature loss and surface cold spots, minimizing rain-out. 
Low Compliance Tubing
Accurate delivery of gas volumes and ventilation pressures to the patient. 
Reduced Risk
Reduced risk of accidental drainage of rain-out into the patient’s airway.
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