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ULTRAperc Percutaneous Tracheostomy Basic Kits

Manufacturer: ICU Medical

The Portex® ULTR Aperc® Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy Kits allow the percutaneous insertion of a tracheostomy tube using the widely accepted Seldinger technique by means of a Single Stage curved dilator. Kits are available with or without the Portex® Blue Line ULTRA® or Portex® Blue Line ULTRA® Suctionaid® Tracheostomy Tubes.

These kits feature a Single Stage, pre-lubricated curved dilator with ergonomic handle that facilitates insertion. The specially designed introducer can also be used to percutaneously insert the Portex® Blue Line ULTRA® or Portex®Blue Line ULTRA® Suctionaid® Tracheostomy Tubes.

Key benefits:

  • Blue Line Ultra® Tube features tapered tip, soft clear flange and Soft Seal® cuff
  • Unique Blue Line Ultra® introducer eases passage of tube into stoma minimizing trauma
  • Ergonomic handle design single dilator
  • Tube 15 mm connector allows connection to breathing system or heat and moisture exchanger
  • Sterile

Kits include:

  • (1) 14 G Needle and Cannula Assembly
  • (1) Scalpel with #15 Blade
  • (1) Plastic Syringes (10 ml, Luer Slip)
  • (1) Single Stage Dilator
  • (1) Pre Dilator
  • (1) Guide Wire Assembly
  • (1) Guiding Catheter
  • (8) Gauze Sponge
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