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Inline Aerosol Tee Adapter, for use with Combivent Respimat Inhaler

Manufacturer: Instrumentation Industries
Regulated product

Inline aerosol tee adapter for use with the Combivent® Respimat® inhaler.

  • Port Sizes:
    Inlet: 22mm O.D.
    Outlet: 22mm I.D.
  • Size:
    Length: 3 in
    Height: 2.4 in
    Body Width: 1 in
    Wye Angle: 45°
    Cap Width: 1.3 in (at widest point)
  • Materials:
    Body: Polystyrene-Butadiene
    Cap: Theromplastic Rubber
  • Color:
    Body: Clear
    Cap: Clear
  • Use: Single Patient Reuse (Can be used to deliver medication multiple times to a single patient while installed in a breathing circuit.)
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