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Intersurgical Flo-Guard Breathing Filter

Manufacturer: Intersurgical

The Intersurgical Flo-Guard Breathing Filter is a low resistance for CPAP and Bilevel. It is ideal for use in the hospital and home, where high flow rates may be used, including CPAP, Bilevel and cough-assist applications.


Flo-Guard breathing filter is designed for use at the machine end of a breathing system. This is to protect  both the patient and machine against cross contamination while maintaining a low resistance across a wide range of flow rates.



  • Electrostatic filter media to provide an excellent filtration efficiency
  • Large surface area reduces flow resistance
  • Airflow is aided by the conical shape
  • Clear housing provides good visibility


  • Filtration efficiency >99.99%
  • Resistance at:
    • 30L/min 0.4 cm H2O
    • 60L/min 0.8 cm H2O
    • 90L/min 1.4 cm H2O
    • 120L/min 2.0 cm H2O
    • 150Lmin 2.7 cm H2O
    • 180L/min 3.4 cm H2O
    • 210L/min 4.3 cm H2O
    • 240L/min 5.1 cm H2O
  • Compressible volume 80ml
  • Weight 27.8g
  • Connections 22ID-22OD
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