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Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter

Manufacturer: AirLife

The Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter is proven to Enable a More Accurate Diagnosis. With a soft, directional tip, the Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter allows safe and quick retrieval of lower respiratory tract samples. Lower respiratory tract samples can help avoid both false negatives and false positives, seen in an estimated 23% of endotracheal aspirate cultures. These secretions from the distal airway can help identify infectious pathogens of the lung for a microbiological confirmed diagnosis. Helpful features of the tool includes a suction tube adapter, directional oxygen port, atraumatic tip, and suction tube adapter. Clinicians have multiple models available to them, varying in the size of the outer EVA catheter and inner PVC catheter. The Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter comes EO sterilized.

Key Benefits:

  • Directional tip allows right or left lung sampling
  • Can be performed bedside in minutes by trained respiratory therapist or other trained clinicians
  • Maintains PEEP when used with supplied ventilator adapter
  • Features a soft, cushioned radiopaque tip for safe sampling from the lower lung
  • The non bronchoscopic BAL procedure has been shown to help target or de-escalate antibiotic therapy in an estimated 60.7% of patients receiving initial broad spectrum therapy
  • Bronchoscopic sampling utilizing a protected specimen brush and non bronchoalveolar lavage shows good overall agreement among quantitative cultures
  • Convenient Mini-BAL Catheter Prep Pack includes all accessories needed to quickly perform non bronchoscopic BAL at the bedside
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