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Foley Catheter, Pediatric, 2-way, 6 Fr, 1.5cc Balloon, 12in, 100 Percent Silicone, 2 Opposed Eyes

Manufacturer: Optimal Healthcare Inc
Silicone foley catheters are widely accepted as having better biocompatibility characteristics and lower encrustation and blockage rates. The premium quality Rusch 100% silicone foley catheters offer all the benefits of silicone and offer direct and indirect savings. The use of a small capacity syringe is recommended in order to avoid the risk of over inflation and destruction of the balloon.

  • Size 6 French
  • Length 30 centimeters (12 inches)
  • 2-way foley
  • 2 opposed eyes
  • 1.5 cc balloon
  • Pre-loaded stylet
  • X-ray opaque
  • Sterile
  • Single use
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