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Philips AC611 High Flow Nasal Cannula

Efficient and Cost-Effective High Flow Therapy (HFT)

Recognizing that both HFT and noninvasive ventilation (NIV) are often employed for the same patient, we offer both of these powerful therapies on our Philips V60 Plus ventilator. Because the circuit can be used for both HFT and NIV, the AC611 may decrease costs, simplify workflow and save time when switching between therapies. The high-quality AC611 can also be used with stand-alone HFT systems, simplifying training and adding versatility to your cannula supplies inventory.


Stability and Comfort

The unique design of the AC611’s adjustable headgear provides both stability and comfort. The headgear keeps the cannula in place even when the patient changes position. The sturdy gown clip helps avoid unwanted cannula movement, so patients consistently receive the intended flow. To enhance fit and comfort and to accommodate a wide patient population, the AC611 comes in several sizes, and small headgear is available. In side-by-side focus group testing, 100% of bedside clinicians rated the AC611 as the most comfortable.


  • Eases the transition from NIV to HFT
  • Rates as most comfortable in head-to-head testing
  • Is available in a range of sizes to fit most patients
  • Adds versatility to your inventory






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