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Curaplex® Protecta-Gel™ Skin Barrier

Manufacturer: Curaplex

Curaplex® Protecta-Gel™ is designed with patient comfort in mind: to reduce skin irritation & sensitivity and prevent wounds from prolonged use of NIV and CPAP masks. It is made from a mineral based elastomer gel, and is hypoallergenic in nature and safe for use on various sensitive skin types. The Protecta-Gel™ has a revolutionary design that allows a greater degree of cushioning, which targets the bridge of the patients nose and cheek bone areas which is predominantly the most focused problem areas. Unlike other gels or dressings currently on the market, the Protecta-Gel™ is patented with a unique “Rib” like design solely responsible for added protection. This unique design is smooth on the skin but ribbed for placement under the mask which replicates shock absorbers, creating comfort for NIV and CPAP mask users.


The Protecta-Gel™ is available in two sizes – standard and small. The standard size fits the average adult, and the small size is designed for smaller adults or adolescents. Both size options allows the care giver or user to “cut” or “trim” the product to ensure a more accurate fit. Protecta-Gel™ can be cleaned with soap and water and used for single-patient use, up to 30 days.



  • Available in Small and Large
  • Patented rib-like design
  • Mineral-based elasomer gel
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Superior coverage
  • Tapered ends
  • Single-patient use for up to 30 days
  • Can be used with Full-face, Oro-Nasal, and cut to fit Nasal NIV and CPAP masks
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