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Heat Moisture Exchanger Filters, Humid-Vent®

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Humid-Vent Filters are high-performance heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) that are coupled with hydrophobic bacterial/viral breathing filters. In addition to their bacteriostatic properties, a high level of protection is provided by a true hydrophobic filter.

Thanks to their compact design, lightweight Humid-Vent Filters provide excellent heat and humidification output combined with very low dead space.

Available in Light, Compact, Small and Pedi versions, the Humid-Vent filter range is suitable for the most diverse applications in anaesthesia and the ICU.

The Humid-Vent Filter Compact The Humid-Vent Filter Compact is the third generation of combined HME/filter and is the ideal solution for use in the ICU and in anesthesia applications.

Humid-Vent Filter Small The Humid-Vent Filter Small is small, extremely lightweight and particularly versatile. It is ideal for use with larger children and adults undergoing anesthesia. It offers adult performance in a child-sized format (dead space 27 ml) with a tidal volume of up to 1000 ml.

Humid-Vent Filter Pedi Developed for children receiving anesthesia, or in the ICU, the Humid-Vent Filter Pedi can be used for tidal volumes from 50 ml up to 250 ml.

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