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SmartCan™ Spherasorb™ Disposable CO2 Absorber, White to Violet Color Change

Manufacturer: Intersurgical
Regulated product

SmartCan™ Spherasorb™ disposable CO2 absorber white to violet color change, for use with GE Healthcare® 600 series Carestation® anesthetic machines.


The SmartCan™ offers ease of exchange with minimal handling and provides a further option for customers who have made the choice to use pre-fills and is provided with Spherasorb™ medical grade soda lime.


A uniquely designed medical grade soda lime, Spherasorb’s™ chemical formulation has been developed specifically to address the potential problems of use within the medical environment, while maintaining the highest possible CO2 capacity.


Spherasorb™ has a long history of use within anesthesia and meets all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias.



  • Only 1.5 % Sodium Hydroxide
  • Zeolite to reduce the risk of drying out
  • Spherasorb™ is made of 3-4mm spheres processed to minimize potential dusting
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