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WaterPAP with Single Canister

Manufacturer: SunMed

WaterPAP® has been specifically designed for neonatal patients, with respiratory therapists, doctors and NICU nurses in mind. It® design provides a safe, accurate and uniform method for generating positive airway pressures with a bubble CPAP system in your NICU. Using WaterPAP for early bubble CPAP provides you with an efficient and user-friendly way to maintain airway management with more effective results.

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenience - Visual confirmation of prescribed pressure
  • Uniformity - Each patient setup exactly the same
  • Accuracy - Visual confirmation of prescribed pressure

WaterPAP Setup Includes:

  • Single water-tight canister with 0-9 cmH2O graduated label
  • 10mm corugated tube affixed with air diffuser, tube lock top, and protective cover
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