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STATCheck Manual Resuscitators

Manufacturer: SunMed
These disposable manual resuscitators (BVMs) include the STAT-Check II™ colormetric CO2 indicator. The STAT-Check is used as an adjunct assessment tool for verification of successful intubation. There is only one color interpretation (white to purple) of CO2 concentration making it simple to use. The A.C.E. (Airway Circulation Evaluator) STAT-Check indicator is not located on the exhalation port, therefore reducing risk of ambient CO2 indicating a false positive.

Resuscitator Assemblies may come with:
  • Installed STAT-Check carbon dioxide indicator
  • Bag reservoir
  • Mask (with or without valve)
  • Peep valve
  • Pop off valve
  • Corrugated Tubing
  • Vinyl construction
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