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SafeT™ T-Piece Resuscitator

Manufacturer: AirLife

The SafeT T-Piece Resuscitator is the safe solution for emergency neonatal resuscitation and CPAP. Delivering continuous oxygen flow alongside pre-set PIP and PEEP pressures enables clinicians to safely provide the necessary ventilatory support during resuscitation of infants. Designed specifically for use on the delicate lungs of premature babies and newborns under 10 kg/22 lbs.

  • Pre-set PIP and PEEP prior to use
  • Allows clinician to deliver consistent PIP and PEEP pressures
  • Consistent PIP and PEEP ensures greater safety when ventilating babies' fragile lungs, particularly in an emergency situation
  • Integrated pressure manometer provides clear visualization of ventilatory pressure ranges
  • Pressure relief valve helps prevent over-pressurization of lungs
  • Able to deliver CPAP
  • Includes a cushioned face mask for proper sealing during mask ventilation
  • Easy to read controller and manometer makes set up simple and quick
  • Universal red Fits-All O2 tubing connector allows immediate visualization of proper oxygen connection
  • 7 sizes of masks to meet patient and hospital needs
  • Expandable circuit that allows for up to 18" in length
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