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MaxCap CO2 Colorimetric Indicators

Manufacturer: AirLife

The MaxCap is a disposable, single use CO2 indication device designed for placement between a breathing device and a patients endotracheal tube or mask for visualization of exhaled CO2. The MaxCap will assist the caregiver in verifying proper ET tube placement. A lack of color change may indicate improper intubation. MaxCap CO2 Indicator is aimed at reducing air trapping and overdistention during resuscitation by identifying the end of exhalation.


  • Patient weight: 0.25 to 6 kg (0.55 to 13 lbs)
  • Dead space: 1mL
  • Resistane (cmH2O): 2.1 @ 5 LPM
  • Usage time: 6 hours


  • Patient weight: 1 to 15 kg (2.2 to 33 lbs)
  • Dead space: 2.5mL
  • Resistane (cmH2O): 0.5 @ 10 LPM
  • Usage time: 6 hours


  • Patient weight: Greater than 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Dead space: 7mL
  • Resistane (cmH2O): 2.4 @ 60 LPM
  • Usage time: 6 hours
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