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CO2 Detector, Pedi CO2 Easy, Pediatric, 3cc, Connector Port Patient 18mm OD/15mm ID, Green Label

Manufacturer: AirLife
The Pedi CO2 Easy™ is ideally mounted up front where clinicians and first responders can effectively view critical carbon dioxide levels without looking away from the patient. The nontoxic, pH sensitive indicator uses familiar purple-to-yellow color conversion when CO2 is exhaled.

  • Built in bacterial filter protects both patient and clinician
  • CO2 Easy for patients weighing 15kg (33lbs.) or above
  • Pedi CO2 Easy for patients weighing 1 - 15kg (2.2 - 33lbs.)
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Designed for fast, easy airway assessment
  • Verifies proper endotracheal tube placement
  • Helps prevent unwarranted intubations
  • Confirms cardiac output during CPR
  • Visual Indicator makes rapid breath-to-breath response easy to see
  • Anti-fogging agent reduces susceptibility to moisture and humidity, while ensuring continuous lens clarity (CO2 Easy only)
  • Complies with Standard of Care Guidelines from the American
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