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Ceretec Hi-Ox Oxygen Masks

Manufacturer: 12th Man Technologies

When treating or transporting patients requiring high-flow or high FiO2 oxygen rates, the Hi-Ox™ mask uses new technology with sequential dilution to deliver greater than 80% oxygen at a mere 8 LPM – even with a transport cylinder. By taking away the usual holes in the mask, adding a second strap to ensure a better seal and changing the delivery with three low resistance valves, higher concentrations of oxygen can be administered at lower flow rates. The sequential dilution design made possible with the low resistance valves enables high FiO2s to be delivered, even when peak flows are high.

  • FiO2 - Able to deliver higher FiO2s than a regular non-rebreather mask and simultaneously deliver aerosols
  • Economical - Provides therapeutic benefit of Heliox while lowering cost; lower flow rates mean less gas usage
  • Therapeutic - Lower flows allow the Hospice patient to return home sooner with the same high concentration delivery as in the hospital
  • Transporting - Reduce the risk of hypoxia during transport by getting the most from standard cylinders – deliver high concentrations at lower liters per minute
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