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Neotech RAM Cannula®, Nasal

Manufacturer: Neotech

The Neotech RAM Cannula® is a simple, revolutionary interface for nasal respiratory support. Its simple set up and flexible tubing helps promote developmentally appropriate positioning for infants and children. For use with low/high flow humidified oxygen. All sizes are color-coded and include a 15-millimeter oxygen tubing adapter for use with low-flow or high-flow humidified oxygen.

Key Benefits:

  • Soft, gently curved prongs designed for patient comfort
  • Soft PVC kink-resistant tubing
  • Easily identify size by conviently color coded o-rings
  • 15mm oxygen tubing adapter included
  • Available in several sizes ranging from Micro Preemie to Pediatric
  • Compatible with high frequency oscillatory ventilation, T-Piece resuscitators, traditional wall oxygen, and most ventilators
  • Oxygen adapter allows transition from NCPAP or NIPPV to low-flow oxygen without having to change the cannula
  • Non-invasive and nontraumatic; does not require a seal in the nares
  • Latex free
  • DEHP free
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