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Veoflo® High Flow Nasal Cannulas

Manufacturer: Flexicare

Veoflo® is a high flow nasal cannula designed to allow for a range of flows and oxygen concentrations to be delivered at optimal conditions. This increases patient comfort and compliance, offering the best in care.

  • Swivel Connector with Grip
    The added grip allows for ease of disconnection from the circuit. The integrated swivel connector with grip allows for easy disconnection and helps prevent entanglement.
  • Reliable Delivery
    Wider tube design allows for flow rates up to 60 L/min without increasing resistance for more reliable delivery of therapy.
  • Minimizes Friction
    MRI-Compatible Contoured Prongs Soft and anatomically formed nasal prongs conform to the individual patient to provide maximum comfort.
  • Universal Connector
    Fits to most heated wire breathing circuits.
  • Higher Flows
    Wider tube allows for higher flows (up to 60 L/min) without increasing resistance.
  • Smoothbore Tubing
    Reduced risk of kinking and the tubing does not produce a rustling noise, allowing the patient undisrupted rest.
  • Split-Strap Design
    The wide elastic split-strap is easy to adjust and provides a more secure fit and increased patient comfort.

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