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Philips PerforMax Pediatric Total Face Masks

With multiple sizes – 2x-small and x-small – the PerforMax line of masks provides a non-invasive ventilation (NIV) solution for pediatric patients. PerforMax allows for quick fitting and elimination of nasal bridge challenges. The total or full face masks seal around the perimeter of the face where patients have less sensitivity and smoother facial contours. The child-friendly design features address the safety, comfort, and compliance needs of your patients, including colorful bonnets with a soft inner lining, color matched clips, and a softer silicone material.



  • For patients 1 year or older and > 7 kg
  • Pink, blue, and yellow bonnet selection
  • Cushion provides a sealing surface around the perimeter of face
  • Single-use and multi-use configurations available
  • Single-limb and dual-limb compatibility for noninvasive ventilators
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