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Philips Non-Invasive (NIV) Circuits with Filterable Exhalation Port (FEP)

Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare

Philips Non-Invasive (NIV) Circuits are single-limb non-heated passive circuits. Each feature a Filterable Exhalation Port (FEP), Proximal Pressure Line, main flow filter, disposable swivel exhalation port with filter port, hanger and hose clips.



  • Filterable Exhalation Port (FEP)
  • Proximal Pressure Line
  • Main Flow Filter
  • Hanger
  • Hose Clips
  • Single Patient Use

Use with Philips NIV Devices:

  • V60 and BiPAP Vision (no modifications required)
  • Trilogy 202, V30, BiPAP Focus, EV300 (Proximal pressure line must be removed)


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