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Comfort Soft Plus® Muc-Away™ Nasal Aspiration Devices

Manufacturer: AirLife

Excess fluids and nasal secretions that can lead to respiratory distress are common conditions in neonates and young children. The Muc-Away™ Nasal Aspiration Device is a simple, safe and noninvasive way to clear nasal passages in neonates. The Muc-Away™ Aspirator facilitates both natural and supplemental oxygen delivery to improve lung function, while helping to combat respiratory distress and the potential for bronchiolitis.

Unlike other nasal suction devices, the Muc-Away™ Nasal Aspiration Device features a transparent tip and tubing to enable easy visualization of aspirated fluids for greater confidence in neonatal care. Designed for a comfortable fit without irritation, the Muc-Away™ Comfort Soft Plus® Tip creates a gentle seal in the nares to protect the fragile nasal mucosa. What® more, an ergonomic Thumb Control Port allows you to easily manage suction pressures to keep baby comfortable.


Key benefits:

  • Safely and effectively removes excess fluids and secretions in neonates
  • Transparent tip, tubing and Thumb Control Port enable easy visualization of aspirated fluids
  • Comfort Soft Plus® Tip nasal probe and flexible tube provide a comfortable fit
  • Ergonomic Thumb Control Port ensures suction pressure management per hospital protocol
  • Facilitates natural or supplemental oxygen delivery to promote healthy lungs
  • Hygienic, disposable, single-patient-use
  • Not made with DEHP or Natural Rubber Latex
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