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Whiskers Securement Devices

Manufacturer: AirLife

Whiskers securement devices aid in the placement and securement of oxygen nasal cannulas and feeding tubes in neonates, infants and pediatric patients.



  • Gentle cannula and feeding tube securement
  • Hydrocolloid material for gentle adhesion that lasts 24-36 hours
  • Hook and loop strips keep tubing in place, reduce friction, and allow for easy adjustment


  • Mini-Whiskers (#77-MW100)
    • Designed for Premature Infants (< 2000g)
    • Each pouch contains 6  Mini-Whiskers and 12 securement loops
  • Sticky-Whiskers (#77-SW102)
    • Designed for Neonates, Infants and Pediatric Patients
    • Each pouch contains 1 Sticky Whisker and 2 securement loops
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