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Neotech NeoShades Phototherapy Eye Shields

Manufacturer: Neotech

Neotech’s NeoShades® are designed to protect patients’ eyes during phototherapy. Available with tabs, tabs with ocular pockets, and headstrap with ocular pockets, NeoShades offer a variety to choose from.


NeoShades with tabs are made of a soft, gentle fabric that provides the best in patient care. They are held in place using a gentle hydrocolloid adhesive that attaches the tab to the patient’s temples which then attach to the NeoShades via a hook fabric that is unlikely to disturb the patient during adjustment.


NeoShades with headstrap are a practical option that feature a NeoFoam headstrap designed to prevent slippage. This produces a secure fit that is easy to move or adjust when needed. The NeoFoam fabric is gently on the skin.



  • Leaves no residue on skin
  • No skin prep required
  • No cumbersome straps around the head
  • Cute design encourages parents to photograph the baby
  • Resists skin breakdown from moisture or heat
  • Safe on neonatal skin
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Latex-free
  • Use in NICU, PICU, Respiratory, ER, Home Health
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