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Aerogen Ultra with Filter

Manufacturer: Aerogen

The Aerogen Ultra with filter demonstrates no increase in aerosol emissions that are exhaled compared to baseline. It reduces the number of treatments and bronchodilators used for symptom control with minimal medication left in the cup and simplifies the workflow with no added flow required. With the Aerogen Ultra and filter, 6 times more medication is delivered to the lungs versus JN. Patient response to treatment and sustained airflow over time improves.


​Aerogen Ultra with Filter (item # 06-AG-AS7009-US) includes:

  • Aerogen Solo Adapter
  • Filter
  • Mouthpiece
  • Tubing

​Aerogen Ultra Starter Kit (item # 06-AG-AS7509-US) includes:

  • Aerogen Ultra
  • Aerogen Solo nebulizers
  • Filter
  • Oxygen Tubing​​, 7ft
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