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AeroEclipse® XL Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer (R BAN)

Manufacturer: Monaghan Medical

AeroEclipse® Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer (R BAN) features includes:

  • Green Feedback Button - Signals actuation and provides a visual assist to proper use and breathing technique
  • Mode Selector - Convenient selection of breath actuated or continuous operation modes
  • AeroControl™ System Regulator - Patented system enhances breath actuation sensitivity to only 15 LPM of inspiratory effort to trigger the device
  • One-Way Exhalation Valve - Aids in maximum aerosol delivery with every breath by virtually eliminating the mixing of inspirate and expirate
  • Air Entrainment - Conditions the aerosol to improve delivery of fine particle mass
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