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Curaplex® Large Volume Nebulizers

Manufacturer: Curaplex

Curaplex® humidification and nebulization solutions are the economical answer to your high flow oxygen therapy challenges. This nebulization technology offers a high flow feature with a wide FiO2 range and features a 40 lpm jet, which even at elevated oxygen concentration settings provides sufficient total flow for the majority of patients. These products achieve high flows and high FiO2 ranges without the time and expense of "doubling up" nebulizers. The FiO2 dial settings, ranging from 36% to 95%, minimize the need to change devices to wean your patients, providing another time and cost-saving advantage.



  • Delivery of particulate humidity in the 3 to 5 micron range
  • Normal flow LVN delivers FiO2 of 28-60% with a total flow range of 24 to 68 LPM
  • High flow LVN delivers FiO2 of 36-95% with a minimum total flow of 43 LPM
  • Compatible with your existing supply of sterile water

California Proposition 65 Warning:
⚠ WARNINGThis product may use “Clear Vinyl” in the manufacturing process and therefore may contain one or more chemicals on the Prop. 65 chemical list which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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