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RES-Q Continuous Nebulizer Kits, Large Volume

Manufacturer: Curaplex

The Resqneb is a continuous medication nebulizer (CMN) designed to deliver high volume, closed dilution deep inhalation therapy. Its 250 ml, refillable reservoir and jet flow design allow for up to 8 hours of nebulized medication delivery at 25 ml/hr with particles delivered within the 3 to 5 micron range. These features make Resqneb an effective product for several applications.



  • Auxiliary side port
  • Direct connection to flowmeter with no additional hardware
  • Simple medication changes with twist-off reservoir
  • Medication dosing chart included for quick calculations
  • Aerosol and non-rebreather kits available
  • Standard 22 mm aerosol port
  • Delivers medications and humidification for up to 8 hours
  • Convenient therapy administration in emergency care settings
  • Resqneb is available in a kit or standalone nebulizer
  • Includes 7ft oxygen tubing
  • Kits include 6ft corrugated tubing
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