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Hepashield™ Pleated Hydrophobic Bacterial/Viral with Luer Lock

Manufacturer: Flexicare
Hepashield™ pleated hydrophobic bacterial/viral mechanical filters minimize flow resistance and maximize surface area for superior filtration efficiency.
  • Secure Luer Lock
    • Push-fit tethered luer lock cap, secured with a strap reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.
  • Universal Connection
    • The 22M/15F – 22F/15M connectors prevent fitting in the wrong direction, and comply with current ISO 5356-1:2015 standards, making them compatible for use with all breathing systems. 
  • Reduced Drag
    • Light weight construction reduces drag on the breathing system and airway.
  • Rounded Edges
    • Smooth contours prevent pressure marks on the patient.
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