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ThermiSense Sensor Kits

Manufacturer: AirLife
ThermiSense® Oral/Nasal Thermal Airflow Sensing System features include:
  • Accurately detects events: Apnea/Hypopnea/Flow limitation
  • Reusable thermistor mounts on disposable cannula/holder to capture Oral/Nasal airflow signal
  • Thermistor secured in special cannula/holder reducing potential of skin contact
  • System incorporates lead/thermistor test to verify circuit integrity before beginning sleep study
  • Rugged, Kevlar® tinsel cables for product durability
  • Parts included with Adult models:
    • Thermistor, and 3 Pin Keyhole connector cable
    • Adult Nasal Cannula/Holder with 7-ft Airflow Pressure tube
    • Adult Oral/Nasal Cannula/Holder with 7-ft Airflow Pressure tube
    • Hydrophobic/anti-microbial filter
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