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Philips Disposable SpO2 Sensors with Cable

Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare

Philips SpO2 Wrap Sensors are a low-adhesive, single-patient use SpO2 sensor. Made of a soft yet durable fabric, the sensors are designed to be gentle on the skin. Each sensor option is designed for specific placement based upon the patient’s weight.


The disposable clip sensor is ergonomically shaped to easily slip onto a patient’s finger and designed to reposition easily. Its durability will last a single patient’s average stay.


The disposable wrap sensors contain minimal adhesive which reduces irritation for skin sensitivity. Its rugged design outlasts typical adhesive sensors.



  • Single-patient SpO2 sensor
  • Accommodates patients from neonates to infants and adults
  • Designed for FAST-SpO2
  • Durable and validated
  • Soft and flexible
  • Latex-free


  • 73-989803205831: Adult Clip Sensor
    • Finger (Adult)
  • 73-989803205841: Infant Wrap Sensor
    • Finger/Toe (Infant)
  • 73-989803205851: Neonatal/Infant/Adult Wrap Sensor
    • Finger (Adult)
    • Big Toe/Thumb (Child)
    • Foot/Hand (Neonate)
  • 73-989803205861: Neonatal/Infant/Adult Wrap Sensor
    • Finger (Adult)
    • Big Toe/Thumb (Child)
    • Foot/Hand (Neonate)
    • Adhesive Free
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