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BritePro Laryngoscope Handles with BriteBlade Pro Blades

Manufacturer: Flexicare
BritePro is a Single Patient Use Fiber Optic Handle System, comprised of a single-use handle and a reusable light source, utilizing the latest in LED technology, providing clinicians with a complete system.

  • Clearly marked to ensure that the handle is only used as intended.
  • The main body of the handle incorporates a green textured grip, which provides excellent control and feel even when wearing gloves. Green color-coding clearly identifies the handle as fiber optic.
  • Single-use, individually packed, pre-sterilized handle.
  • A freely rotating metal hinge allows the blade to be inserted easily while providing a positive locking mechanism when moved into the closed position.
  • BritePro Handle features a completely unique encased mechanism, which prevents any possibility of cross-contamination. Incorporated within the encased handle is a freely moving light intensifier, which maximizes the transfer of light from the LightSource through to the tip of the fiber optic blade.
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