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Control-Cric® Surgical Cricothyrotomy Kit

Manufacturer: Engineered Medical Systems

The Control-Cric® Surgical Cricothyrotomy Kit is a system packaged in 3 clear steps, guiding the provider through an otherwise chaotic procedure. Step 1 is the Cric-Knife™, a 10mm dual-sided blade with integrated sliding tracheal hook allowing maintained control of the airway. This keeps the provider from needing to reach for additional tools and potentially losing the airway. Step 2 is the Cric-Key™, a 5.5mm cuffed tube with an integrated introducer. The introducer gives tactile feedback of the tracheal rings, confirming placement. Step 3 is the neck strap, a flexible silicone strap to slide easily over the tube to maintain position during ventilation.



  • Surgical cricothyrotomy device for use in an emergency airway setting.
  • Used when airway obstruction has occurred, or when patient cannot be intubated or ventilated.
  • Reliable and intuitive device, with a three step compact solution.
  • Allows the clinician to maintain placement with an integrated sliding tracheal hook that sits within the knife.
  • Provides tactile feedback of the tracheal rings, before placement of the tube by using an integrated stylet.


  • A Cric-Knife™
  • Cric-Key™
  • Neck Strap
  • Extension tubing


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