Curaplex ClearPath™ HME*Non-Returnable*


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The ClearPath™ HME by Curaplex is a heat and moisture exchanger that remains inline during medication delivery. The exclusive design provides an unobstructed path that maximizes drug delivery and utilization.

Some features include:

  • Innovative ClearPath design optimizes the route of all medicated aerosol delivery
  • Bypass lever design makes inline medication treatment easier to administer
  • Reduces circuit breaks, helping to minimize the risk of VAP-related infections while avoiding lung derecruitment
  • Protects clinicians from exposure to depressurizing circuit spray
  • Clear visibility of lever position ensures clinician of gate position
  • HME mode provides optimal moisture output with low resistance to flow
  • Enhanced infection control practices, by maintaining a closed circuit system
  • Certified MR Safe and poses no known hazards in all MR environments

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Curaplex ClearPath&trade; HME<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold;padding-left:5px;">*Non-Returnable*</span>

Curaplex ClearPath™ HME*Non-Returnable*


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