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Heat Moisture Exchanger HME, Gibeck Humid-Flo, Disposable, 250-1500ml Tidal Volume

Manufacturer: Optimal Healthcare Inc
A novel approach to ventilation management, the Gibeck® Humid-Flo® HME promotes best practices for VAP risk reduction. Designed to remain in-line for 72 hours even when aerosol treatments are given. Two operating modes, HME and AEROSOL, are enabled by rotating the blue collar. Select HME, and the Gibeck Humid-Flo will operate as a traditional Heat & Moisture Exchanger. Select AEROSOL, and the HME element is bypassed and a center passageway is exposed, allowing the delivery of aerosolized medication.

  • Advances patient safety by reducing the frequency of ventilator circuit breaks.
  • Maximizes clinical outcomes by eliminating the need to interrupt ventilation, allowing PEEP to be maintained.
  • Reduces potential of caregiver exposure to depressurizing circuits by reducing the frequency of ventilator circuit breaks.
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