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VentFLO™, ETCO2/O2 Nasal Cannula, Pediatric, 10ft L

Manufacturer: AirLife
VentFLO™ ETCO2/O2 sampling cannulas deliver oxygen while capturing an end tidal gas sample, even with simultaneous insufflation of oxygen. These ETCO2/O2 cannulas also feature a bright orange reflective style connector, compatible with Microstream™, Capnostream™ and Oridion™ capnography monitors.
  • Hygroscopic filter inside reflective connector to help minimize moisture
  • Simultaneously delivers oxygen while obtaining CO2 sampling during spontaneous breathing
  • Compatible with Microstream™, Capnostream™ and Oridion™ capnography monitors
  • Soft-Ears™ material helps ensure superior patient comfort
  • Designed to prevent mixing of fresh oxygen with CO2
  • 3-Channel tubing prevents kinking
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