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DFB Dual Scale Flowmeters with Elbow, Low and High Flow

Manufacturer: Maxtec

The Maxtec “DFB” or “Designed for Blenders” flow meters are specifically designed to work with blenders. These DFB flow meters are calibrated for the pressure drop that is associated with a blender as flow rates are increased. This is especially important in the world of high flow.


Every Maxtec DFB flow meter has a dual scale, which essentially combines 2 flow ranges into 1 flow meter. The Dual Taper allows accuracy from the lowest visible ranges to higher flows. This eliminates the need for multiple flow meters attached to a blender, which means your blender setup will take less real estate, leaving room for more equipment.



  • Designed specifically to work with blenders
  • Dual Scale for accuracy
  • Available in low and high flow rates
    • Low Flow 0-3 LPM (203-R219P99-400)
    • Low Flow 0-15 LPM (203-R219P79-400)
    • Low Flow 0-30 LPM (203-R219P88-400)
    • High Flow 0-70 LPM (203-R219P87-400)
  • Durable, opaque acrylic block
  • Include 90 Degree DISS Elbow
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