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Philips AF541 Oro-Nasal Mask with CAPSTRAP Headgear and CleanClip System, Under-the-Nose Cushions

Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare

The pre-assembled Philips Respironics AF541 NIV mask with Under the Nose (UTN) cushion provides convenience, comfort and peace of mind to your patients with a variety of innovative features.


  • Mask rotation – By regularly rotating between masks, you can offload and redistribute pressure, reducing the potential for skin breakdown.
  • Flexibility – There’s no need to remove or reconfigure the mask to provide oral care. It can easily be lifted off face or rotated and locked to provide a drink of water or wash the face.
  • Enhanced comfort – The mask does not touch the bridge of the nose, so patients are able to wear their glasses. Plus, the mask sits under the nares for enhanced comfort.
  • Better fit – The UTN cushion now comes in an extra small size to fit petite faces.
  • Light weight – Using state-of-the-art materials, the new AF541 CapStrap headgear is redesigned to be lighter than the AF531 CapStrap headgear.
  • Interchangeability – Our mask frame works with both 4-point and CapStrap headgear.
  • Convenient storage – At the bedside you can attach the Clean Clip to the ventilator rollstand providing a convenient spot to store the mask while the patient isn’t using it.
  • Supports HAI protocols – The Clean Clip system supports your infection control efforts.




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