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Neotech NeoBar® ET Tube Holders

Manufacturer: Neotech

Neotech’s  NeoBar® ET Tube Holder is designed to secure a baby’s endotracheal tube with an ideal balance between security and comfort. Designed with NeoBond® Hydrocolloid tabs, the ET Tube Holder adheres gently to the skin and reduces the use of potentially harmful tape. The eight color-coded sizes make selection easier.



  • Attaches to patients with latex free NeoBond® Hydorcolloid tabs (Macro sizes available with acrylic adhesive tabs)
  • Reduces extubations and helps prevent palate trauma
  • No tape near nose or mouth, allows for better oral care
  • Standardizes application procedures and prevents frequent tape changes
  • Full range of sizes available
  • Variety kit contains two each of sizes Mini, Ultra, Micro, Small, Large, X-Large
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