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NEO2-SAFE Cap, Blue

Manufacturer: B & B Medical Technologies

B&B NEO2-SAFE Infant Ventilator Circuit Manifold with Suction Port provides an interface between the ventilator circuit and the endotracheal tube maintaining a closed circuit during various procedures. The manifold fits all neonatal circuits. The suction port consists of a Duckbill valve made of silicone. The manifold is manufactured with a latex-free, hypo-allergenic material.

When infants are disconnected from the ventilator for specific procedures, i.e., suctioning, many infants rapidly desaturate due to the loss of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) and their inability to maintain FRC. A method to allow for suctioning without disconnect from the ventilator circuit may prevent or minimize this occurrence. The NEO2-SAFE valve used in line with a 10 mm ventilator circuit allows access for suctioning without disconnect from the ventilator effectively reducing the potential for hypoxemia associated with open circuit suctioning. The NEO2-SAFE maintains PEEP or CPAP during suction procedures.

The NEO2-SAFE manifold has an additional function, to provide access via catheter insertion for instillation of surfactant. A catheter can be passed into the infant® endotracheal tube without interruption of ventilation by passing the catheter through the port on the NEO2-SAFE valve. The NEO2-SAFE Infant Ventilator Circuit Manifold with Suction Port maintains a closed airway circuit system by sealing the valve around the catheter.

Peer Reviewed articles support the effectiveness of the NEO2-SAFE for suctioning and instillation of peripheral medication via catheter.

The NEO2-SAFE is intended for single patient use application and should not be reused.

  • Convenient

    • Adapts to Infant Ventilator Circuits (10 mm)/reusable or single patient use

    • Easy access to the airway for suction procedure via the Duckbill valve
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