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Tracheostomy Tube Holder, Long Strap 9.3in, Short Strap 6.5in, Pediatric

Manufacturer: Curaplex
Regulated product

The Curaplex® Tracheostomy Tube Holder helps ensure a secure tracheostomy tube fit for pediatric patients. This Tracheostomy Tube Holder features hook and loop tabs that stabilize the tracheostomy tube, securing proper positioning and minimizing movement of the tube


The tracheostomy ties are secured to the outer surface of the tube holder, preventing rough edges from irritating or chaffing the patient skin and is made from a moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep the skin clean, dry and cool.


The latex and adhesive-free development process produces a single composite that is soft and smooth, antistatic and biocompatible with human skin.



  • Hook and loop tabs
  • Adjustable to fit most patients
  • Made from a moisture-wicking fabric
  • 9.3in long strap x 6.5in short strap
  • Latex and adhesive-free
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