Oxygen Sensor, MAX 250E


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Oxygen sensor is used as a replacement for the MAX02®+AE, OM-25ME, OM-25AE, MAXBlend,MaxVenturi and Centry Blender and as noted below. Item number is specifically for medical and not industrial/scuba.

Replacement for:

  • Maxtec [MaxO2+AE, OM-25AE, OM-25ME, MaxBlend, MaxVenturi]
  • Analytical Industries [PSR-11-917-J1]
  • CareFusion (Cardinal, Viasys) [Sentry Blender]
  • Fluke [VT Mobile]
  • Mercury Medical [10-103-08]
  • Newport Medical [e360 & e500 vents]
  • Pacifitech [PT-25A]
  • Teledyne [R29MED/#C-70592]
  • Viasys [Sentry Blender, 66045]
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Oxygen Sensor, MAX 250E

Oxygen Sensor, MAX 250E


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