Interactive Catalogs

Our catalogs are available for online viewing using an interactive, print-ready interface. Click on one of the view catalog links below to start browsing!



Respiratory Interactive Product Catalog  

Respiratory, Anesthesia & Critical Care Products Catalog
Our catalog offers an inclusive listing of high flow, oxygen delivery, lung management, resuscitation and anesthesia products plus thousands more!

Anesthesia Interactive Product Catalog  

2016 Anesthesia Catalog
From anesthesia administration and airway management to monitoring and patient recovery, we can provide the right equipment and everyday supplies to support the vital role of the Anesthesiologist.

Curaplex Interactive Product Catalog  

2017 Curaplex by Tri-anim Catalog
With a robust portfolio of everyday products and solutions across multiple clinical categories, Curaplex continues to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s healthcare while responding to the needs of today.