Accuro Epidural and Spinal Needle Guidance Instrument


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Improve the safety, speed, and efficiency of epidural and spinal needle guidance procedures.

The easy-to-use Accuro spinal navigation system features Multi-Frequency BoneEnhance® Image Reconstruction for significantly enhanced bone-to-tissue contrast, and SpineNav3DTM AI-Based Spine Recognition for automated, real-time image guidance.

Accuro’s automated spinal navigation technology is clinically proven to:

  • Increase first-attempt success rates;
  • Reduce needle passes;
  • Reduce placement times;
  • Significantly increase patient satisfaction with pain control.


  • Lumbar Presetting provides automated identification of the spinal midline, either the interlaminar space or spinous process, and depth.
  • Thoracic Presetting indicates the trajectory of the appropriate paramedian needle track for thoracic epidural procedures.
  • Accuro Pledge+ Service Plan offers comprehensive coverage and complete device replacement.
    • Includes full coverage for telephone, technical, and application support
    • First device replacement shipped immediately at no charge regardless of the cause of damage
    • All software upgrades for the same product code and model are provided to you at no charge

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Accuro Epidural and Spinal Needle Guidance Instrument

Accuro Epidural and Spinal Needle Guidance Instrument


EA In Stock $12,499.99

Accuro Locator Needle Guide, Sterile

Accuro Locator Needle Guide, Sterile

The Locator is a patented needle guide used with Accuro to mark the needle insertion site accurately along the skin surface or perform real-time needle guidance.

740-4742 In Stock $239.99

Accuro Sterile Instrument Cover Kit with Locator

Accuro Sterile Instrument Cover Kit with Locator

The Locator and sterile cover contribute to a reduced risk of infection and patient motion (i.e., less time between scan and needle advancement), and allow for a re-scan after the initial needle advancement in challenging patients if needed.

740-4741 In Stock $579.99

Accuro Trolley

Accuro Trolley

We’ve imagined a more fitting, secure home base for you to keep your Accuro—designed with features, including a locking lid, power supply, and ample storage.

740-4300 EA In Stock $1,319.99


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