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ReddyPort™ NIV Maintenance Kit

Manufacturer: ReddyPort
ReddyPort NIV Maintenance includes everything needed for oral hygiene to keep the patient® mouth clean and moisturized, without the risk and time required to remove the patient® mask.
Features & Benefits:
  • Single Use (24hr)
  • Integrated protective guard provides a seal with ReddyPort Elbow attachment to grant oral cavity access
  • Allows cleaning and moisturizing of the oral cavity
  • When appliance enters and exits the patients’ oral cavity, protective guard prevents leakage and fluids from squeegeeing off the sponge when pulling appliances out of the mask
  • Maintains therapeutic pressure while cleaning and moisturizing, reducing mask removals
  • Follows Q4 protocols for standard oral care procedures
    • Addresses pneumonia risk factors by helping drive compliance to oral care protocols
  • Components:
    • Silicone toothbrush and oral rinse
    • Suction swab
    • Applicator swab and mouth moisturizer
    • Yankauer with silicone tip
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