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Philips AF531 NIV Face Masks with EE Leak 2 Elbow and CapStrap Headgear

Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare

Philips Respironics AF531 family of oro-nasal masks offer features that address patient comfort, proper mask fitting and ventilator compatibility.

Key Features:

  • The AF531 oro-nasal mask comfortable seal minimizes facial pressure
  • Comes with Capstrap or 4-Point Headgear
  • Capstrap headgear provides excellent stability and simplifies initial setup by keeping the mask in place while you adjust the patient’s straps
  • Capstrap headgear simplifies reapplication
  • Single use
  • Support your infection control efforts with the CleanClip system
  • One mask can adapt to multiple ventilators with interchangeable elbows
    • Compatible with a leak 1 or leak 2 entrainment elbow (EE), EE NIVO elbow (EE/NE), standard elbow (SE), SE NIVO elbow (SE/NE), and bronchoscopy elbow (BE)
  • Intended for use by patients 7 years or older and > 40 lb (20 kg)
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